Anxiety Affirmation Cards
Anxiety Affirmation Cards
Anxiety Affirmation Cards
Anxiety Affirmation Cards
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Anxiety Affirmation Cards

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When our anxious brains are working overtime, we must accept those thoughts, challenge them and remind ourselves who we really are.

We can overcome these anxious thoughts together with our Anxiety Affirmation Cards. Repeating these affirmations over have a calm and soothing effect, distracting the brain from the chaos around us.

Positive attitudes strengthen our self-worth and challenge our anxious brain.You are not your anxious brain, so keep telling yourself that.

20 Affirmation Cards with details on how to use them.
Recyclable labels, boxes and card.
Box Size: 90 x 60 x 24 mm.

How to use:

We suggest picking 1 affirmation a day and repeating it to yourself over and over to establish the positive thought.
Also, take your card with you throughout the day so you can look at it when you need some positivity or rewrite it out in your notebook to establish the thought of the day. #topainmypocket

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