Mindful Journal Digital Download
Mindful Journal Digital Download
Mindful Journal Digital Download
Mindful Journal Digital Download
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Mindful Journal Digital Download

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In this journal, we focus on mindfulness, creating mindful habits and routines, taking care of yourself and thinking of others. Mindfulness is all about paying attention to the present moment.

Allow this journal to be the anchor of your mindful journey, for you to refer to at any time.

  • A variety of quotes and affirmations to keep you grounded throughout the month;
  • Information about Mindfulness;
  • Tools to help you think mindfully, to create a mindful mantra and to create a mindful routine;
  • A worksheet for thinking mindfully of others;
  • Monthly Planner, to map out your month;
  • Weekly Planner page, one for each week of the month;
  • Daily Planner template,
  • Financial Planner, to keep on top of your finances;
  • Five carefully selected activities including a bank of affirmations, a brain dump and a breathing activity;
  • A place to record your achievements and a grateful space;
  • Three carefully selected journal prompts to help you get through the month;
  • An opportunity to reflect on your mindful practice and the month as a whole;
  • Extra space to journal and explore throughout the month;
  • An exclusive discount code for our State of Mind: Affirmation and Activity cards.

By choosing Digital Download: this product is a digital download which will be emailed out to you on purchase. It will be in .pdf format and you can type directly into the document and save it or you can print it off and write directly into it. This is for personal use only.

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